Hunt Family Kitchen, Bar, & Laundry Room Remodel (Burlington, Kentucky)

You’ve been dreaming about your ultimate kitchen for years. You know what you like to cook, you know how much storage you need, and the type of appliances you want. So, if you have already figured out “what you want,” why would you need a kitchen designer? Because they are the people that can make those dreams come true and make them work together.

When Pam and Todd Hunt began designing their home, this kitchen was designed with family and friends in mind, and not just cooking for them, but cooking with them. “I cook every Sunday for my children and grandchildren, “ Pam shared. “We like to entertain and have people over and I like to cook for large parties. I have a very large family. I come from a family of nine kids, and we have a tendency to get together here, so I’m in there with a lot of my sisters.”

Why did you choose W.Stephens Cabinetry and Design?

“I knew what I wanted and when we designed the house, I came to Callie Towles and said, can you make it work, and she did,” Pam said. “We actually drew it out.”

What were the most important areas to you for your kitchen?

“I wanted counter space mainly and the cooking area. This kitchen is used a lot, by a lot of people, a lot of times. We needed to get as many people in there as possible. That was important,” Pam said.

“And I love my stove. I wanted to go with a big one this time. Everything is convenient, and that is due to Callie. She made everything very functional for me. She had ideas that we put in place that really worked.”

What is something the designer provided that you really appreciated?

“Calle is the only one I ever worked with. She made everything so functional,” Pam shared “In the kitchen she added drawers where I stack my everyday dishes and there are posts that keep the plates and bowls in their place, so they don’t bump into each other, I really like that.”

What do like to cook in your kitchen?

“My favorite is Italian,” Pam explained. “Recently I had my kids, my grandchildren, one of my sisters, her kids and her children and we had a pasta-making Sunday. We actually filled up every bit of counterspace. I thought to myself, are you kidding me?” laughed Pam.

Would you recommend W.Stephens to someone?

“Absolutely I would recommend W. Stephens Cabinetry,” smiled Pam. “The cabinets themselves are really good quality and we have been pleased with them from day one. Callie did the kitchen for us, the bar and the laundry room. Callie supervised the whole thing, she was out here on site, measuring and watching, she just took care of everything.”

If you have been designing a kitchen in your head for years and it’s time to build it, do yourself a favor, hire W. Stephens Cabinetry and Design. You can select any one of their professional designers to make sure your dream becomes a reality. Pam added, “They were so easy to work with. They did what they said they were going to do, and they met every expectation we had. I’m really happy with them.”

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