Kitchen Remodeling Tips – How to Budget and Create an Affordable Kitchen

kitchen-remodeling-budgetThere are some smart ways to remodel your kitchen for less than $20,000. According to Home Advisor reviews, the average kitchen remodel cost is $19,779, with most kitchens ranging in price from $11,069 to $ 28,505. We know you have watched the remodel shows, the kitchen makeovers, the chefs in their fancy kitchens and you were totally inspired. But those shows convey a message that you will need a bankroll of money to pay for a nice kitchen. Truth be told, every budget can afford a kitchen makeover.

What is the Reason You Want to Remodel?

Are you planning to sell your home within the next 5 year? If so then your design is to enhance the resale value of your home. Your decision should be based on what will the majority of buyers want in a kitchen. If you plan to be in your home longer then personalize your kitchen to fit your family’s need and personality. The best cabinetry and countertops will give you what your pay for overtime. Cheap cabinets can look nice at first but after five years you may need to replace them. Quality lasts.

The Foundation of Your Kitchen is Always the Cabinetry

It is always smarter to invest in good quality cabinets that will hold up for many years. As a general rule cabinetry will account for about 30% of the remodel cost. A time tested manufacturer of quality cabinets is a smart choice. In the event that something gets damaged after installation, you want to know the manufacturer is around to replace it.

About 10% of Your Budget is Generally the Countertops

Quality is again important in your decision when it comes to countertops. Today solid surface materials and laminates are durable and high in quality. These products cost less than the proverbial granite and can be a very good choice. With a wide range of colors, patterns and textures, you have an opportunity to be more creative as well.

A Minimum of 10% of Your Budget Should Be for Unplanned Issues

You do not want to have to sacrifice something else to pay for repairs. And when you are remodeling you may find a leak in your plumbing or a faulty dishwasher. These are the kind of things you may not be able to see until you have torn out your old kitchen. If you have set aside this emergency fund you will not have to sacrifice anything in your design plan.

An Experienced Kitchen Designer Can Save You Thousands 

Mistakes, hours of frustration and headaches are the reason you should talk to an experienced kitchen designer. Because they are professionals, they can guide you through the process and show you options and trends that you might not have thought through. We cannot say this often enough.

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