Kitchen Design Tips – Kitchen Materials You Shouldn’t Use And Why

Thermofoil Cabinet Peeling

Thermofoil Cabinet Peeling

Remodeling your kitchen can be quite a complicated and overwhelming process. In many situations, homeowners are pretty unfamiliar as to how to begin such a project. Before you start the process we would like to help you do a little homework. You need to think about your budget, ease of cleanup, maintenance, safety, and durability of the material you choose for your new kitchen. We would like to help you along the way by compiling this list of materials you will want to stay away from when remodeling your kitchen.

Laminate Countertops Made of Plastic

Laminate countertops are relatively cheap, and come in a variety of finishes. Among the drawbacks, scratches and chips are almost impossible to repair, seams are visible from the start and distinctive front-edge options can be expensive. Also, laminate countertops have a relatively short life span (15 to 20 years) and can’t be recycled. You will have to live with the damages, or replace the entire countertop, repairs are not possible on laminate counter tops. If you are planning to sell your home, plastic laminates adds little to the resale value on your home.

Flat Paint

Flat finishes are not very durable and need to be carefully cleaned. Scrubbing flat paint could wear down the finish and cause sheen to appear in patchy spots. So stay away from flat paint when you are thinking about painting your kitchen. Flat paint has a delicate finish and any scratches, fingerprints, etc. will show. We recommend using gloss/semi gloss paint for the kitchen, and leaving flat paints for ceilings, accent walls and low traffic areas in your home.

Cheap Sheet Vinyl Flooring

One of the biggest problems facing vinyl is the product is manufactured using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and will emit volatile organic compounds (VOC), especially when it is new. So from an environment standpoint, this material is harmful. Vinyl flooring does nothing to a home’s resale value, and it can prove very difficult to remove once it is installed. The surface can be easily damaged and a sharp object can gouge the surface if dropped. This is also a concern when it comes to moving furniture. Furniture pads needs to be installed on the feet of all furniture—or moving the couch could result in scratching or gouging the tile or popping the tile off the floor entirely. Sunlight fads vinyl flooring and the material is difficult to repair and will likely need to be replaced frequently since it cannot be resurfaced.

Low-end Thermofoil Cabinet Fronts

Thermofoil is constructed using heat and pressure to bond a thin layer of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) film to a shaped and glued component of medium density fiberboard. Because it is prone to yellowing and collecting moisture after a few years, Thermofoil may have to be replaced more often than cabinetry with a different finish. In damp and warm environments, these cabinets will eventually begin to crack , peel and or discolor. Just like cheap laminate, these cabinets aren’t an easy fix. There are higher end Thermofoil doors and fronts that are constructed with a high density core. We recommend staying away from low-end Thermofoil.

Trendy Backsplash Material

Kitchen back-slashes are moving to the forefront of home design as more homeowners seek open-concept floor plans that visually blend living and work spaces. For many, choosing a backsplash design and material is now on par with selecting cabinets or counter-tops. Home-builders and interior designers have taken notice, using these spaces to make a statement. Trends come and go so we suggest sticking to a more classic backsplash material and design. With all the options it is tempting to pick something fun and vibrant. However your design tastes may change over time, so choose something simple. Your best bet is to choose a classic back-splash.

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