Design Inspiration – The Simple Elegance of French Country Design…

Inspired by the homes of Provence, French country design often incorporates ruffles, distressed woodwork, mixed patterns, and both vibrant and subdued hues. French country design showcases rustic elegance at its finest. French Country design has fallen out of favor in the last few years, but it is more than time for it to come back into vogue. Some folks think French Country is too ornate for today’s taste but we think that is the farthest from the truth. French country showcases elegant simplicity at its finest. It could become the next twist on rustic. In this post we would like to give you a a few ideas of how to incorporate the sophistication of the French countryside into the rooms of your home.

Pick Colors That Are Warm and Welcoming

Rather than choosing shades and bold pops of color to crate visually exciting contrast, this look is all about creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
The dominant shade in each room should be neutral. Focus on a color palette that is warm and subtle such as tans, creams and soft yellow. For accent colors choose rust and blue and antique white which gives a historical feel.

Furniture Should Have Flowing Lines

The French country look comes from the rural valleys of southern France. It’s more or less the French version of rustic. Concentrate on plenty of natural material. The lines of the furniture should have flowing lines to add visual interest in addition to function. The distressed effect and a neutral wood exterior, can fit right into any French country theme. Your upholstered furniture should have cozy cushions and plush seating.

Worn Wood Finishes

European elegance meets rustic country and old-world character to achieve the graceful and inviting style of French country design style. Striking the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. Try out the shabby chic furniture, the soothing hues and soft patterns, and the noteworthy accents to bring this warm and welcoming decorating style into your home. When done correctly, a few subtle nods to that past can be seen throughout these designs. One way to do that is through your finishes. Rather than having design elements look as though they’ve come straight from the store, you want the impression that your rooms have seen a bit of a history. Consider shopping at second hand stores or investing in vintage items to really cement a sense of history.

Finish The Look Off With Some Toile and Antique Accessories

You will want some old world charm. Accessories are the fun part. One pattern says country French style with ease: toile. This timeless print lends a classic look to any room. Think about including it in your upholstery or pillows or curtains. Pair it with floral , stripes or gingham. Chandeliers, mirrors, large wall clocks are other French country accents to include. Whichever items you choose, make sure they carry through the same distressed feel as your other design elements.

French County is a beacon for simplistic elegance. The muted palette beautifully complements polished wood floors and crisp walls and trim. If you’re ready to help bring back this look then we hope this post has helpful to you. 

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