8 Important Questions To Ask When Looking to Hire a Kitchen or Bathroom Designer…

What part of your house is the most worth remodeling? According to architects, your kitchen is the area of your home where you can tell if money has been well spent or not. In terms of construction, the kitchen is the most expensive area of the home and the area where people spend the most time. Kitchen renovation has some of the highest ROI (Return On Investment). Before signing a contract, it is crucial that you learn what questions to ask before deciding who you will ultimately choose as your contractor or kitchen remodeler. The following questions should help you with your decision.

Do You Communicate Well With Your Contractor?

Communication is the key to the successful completion of a kitchen remodel. Communication will ensure that you both understand the work that is to be expected. Make sure you are on the same page with your contractor as far as cost, financial arrangements, and how mistakes will be handled.

Asking The Important Questions

  • Do you have the proper credentials? Only work with a licensed and insured contractor. States grant contractor licenses, which are not the same as county or municipality business licenses. To earn a contractor license, they must pass rigorous testing to prove their knowledge of the trades, as well as business practice and law. Ask the contractor for his or her license number and certificate of insurance (COI). Also, request their insurance credentials so that you can verify them prior to an in-home appointment.
  • Are most of your contracts written for kitchen remodels? The most qualified contractors will be those that have a significant amount of experience in kitchen remodeling projects. Ask for references.
  • How do you handle overages? Set a budget and make sure your contractor is aware of the budget. Get your number in mind but be sure that you are willing to go about 20 percent higher than your budget to account for any surprise overages.
  • What do costs include? It is important to review costs with any contractor upfront. Costs include labor, supplies, materials, equipment, and professional consultants hired by the general contractor for the project.
  • How will you handle the finances of the remodel? If you need assistance with financing and are unable to cover the full amount upfront, tell your contractor. Some kitchen remodelers offer financing options. It is important that you go over payment schedules with your contractor before any work begins.
  • How long will the remodel take? Be sure and ask how long a remodel will take. Your day-to-day lifestyle will be changed with a kitchen remodel. You will probably be unable to use your kitchen. An estimated date can help you plan ahead.
  • Will I have a warranty? There are two kitchen warranty types that will typically come into play when you hire a contractor for a remodel: the manufacturer warranty and the contractor warranty. Together, the two warranties should entirely cover your kitchen remodel, from installation to parts to labor. Ask how long the warranties last.
  • Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? If so, what is your score? If you cannot find a BBB profile and score, you should ask them if they have one. Most professional contractors have a BBB profile and don’t shy away from public reviews or ratings. You should also ask your contractor about any fines, complaints, or other issues on their BBB page.

By asking detailed questions and doing your research beforehand, you can help ensure a smooth project and a fantastic new look for your kitchen. When you decide to go through with a kitchen renovation, you place a great deal of trust in the workers and contractors you hire.


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