6 Important Tips That Will Help You Achieve a Successful Bathroom Makeover…

Modern bathroom design is about creating a peaceful, relaxing, and practical space in your home. A bathroom makeover is an exciting and fun home project to take on but in order for your makeover to go smoothly and stay within budget, it requires a plan and a design. An experienced bathroom designer can help you bring your vision for a modern bathroom into existence.

Create a Bathroom Design Plan

Hire a company that specializes in your type of project and do not sign a contract until every product, color, and layout is exactly what you want. Try to plan your bathroom project so that it’s not taking place at a really busy time of year—or life. Consider work and school schedules, children’s activities, holidays, travel plans, and visits by friends or relatives. Bathroom makeovers can be a bit messy, time-consuming, and expensive. Remodeling or building a new bathroom is a major investment of time and money. There is so much information out there to look at, it can become overwhelming. Hiring a professional who designs remodeling projects will have the know-how to make order out of all the chaos.

Design an Open and Functional Space

There’s something exciting happening in the world of modern design. Modern bathroom design is light and airy and it combines a range of eclectic statements. White walls, soft colors, and clean lines dominate the interiors, with accents such as sheepskin rugs and faux fur pillows adding a cozy vibe. Yes, a room can be breezy and cozy at the same time! The bathroom sets the mood for the start of the day and the end of the day so why not make it the perfect backdrop for the occasion. Modern cabinetry is a perfect anchor piece. Regardless of the finish you choose, wood or painted high gloss cabinets you can accent the functionality with drawer galore and solutions to make the room functional and beautiful for any time of day.

Keep the Future in Mind While Designing

Think into the future before deciding to install that claw-footed tub that you’ve always wanted. If accessibility may be a problem, look at other solutions. Similarly, some trendy bathroom remodeling ideas are in style now, but if you plan on moving from your current house in the future, you’ll want to invest in timeless features that match the style of the house. Consider future needs to ensure that you and those you love can age in place for years to come. no matter what the future holds. Consider installing an ADA compliant shower, toilet, and lighting from the start of your plan.

Plan The Details

Lighting, fixtures, and whether or not to expose some of the plumbing can have a big impact in a bathroom space. Once you have the big picture idea laid out, take some time to think carefully about the details of the remodel that might change the look and feel of the bathroom. Consider your cleaning preferences/habits and your daily routine before deciding on a cabinet sink that you may never use or an exposed sink that doesn’t leave enough storage for your needs. For larger spaces, you may want to divide the room with a separate nook or room for the toilet.

Choose Long-lasting Surfaces

Surfaces should not only contribute to the overall aesthetic, but they must be able to handle plenty of moisture. Porcelain tile is highly recommended by the experts. Porcelain resists staining, bacteria, and odors and is recommended for walls and flooring. Choose large tiles and epoxy grout to minimize grout lines and make upkeep easier. Epoxy grout is virtually stain proof because it is a no absorbent product. It will stay white forever.

Create a Relaxing Space

Our environments affect our experience of life. Although each space in the home is important, from the foyer to the kitchen, many of our most personal practices happen in the bathroom. It’s where we wash and assemble ourselves to present to the outside world, and it’s where we should feel the most relaxed, and most comfortable in our skin. Breath some new health into your bathroom. As we are forced to change our lifestyles, having a tranquil and relaxing retreat where we can recharge and get away from it all is even more important. Consider a deep soaker tub along with a steam shower to create the perfect escape and be a great addition to your bathroom makeover.

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