Why You Should Hire a Designer for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Projects

designBuilding or renovating a kitchen or bathroom is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Kitchen and bathroom design involves careful planning, extensive research, and building knowledge. It just doesn’t make sense to skimp on the design of such an important investment, especially when you know a designers’ expertise will save you time and money, as well as assure you of a more valuable, satisfying outcome.

I Never Knew That Was Even an Option!

That’s what kitchen and bathroom designers hear over and over again and it’s a statement that proves their worth. There is just no way for a do-it-yourself type to keep up with everything coming down the line. Designing is something that you have to be immersed in everyday to be really good at it.

Professional Designers can Translate Your Vision

Designer’s can take your layman terms and explanations and create a professional design that a builder/remodeler can install.  Professional Designers can also help you realize unstated or unrealized needs that will maximize the functional use of  your space given your budget.

W.Stephens Designers….

  • Are skilled at assessing consumers’ individual needs and wants and creating designs that meet and exceed those requirements
  • Have years of residential kitchen/bath industry experience
  • Have proven knowledge of kitchen and bath design
  • Have proven knowledge of construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems
  • Remain current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations

Bottom-line: Professional kitchen and bathroom designers can assist you with every step of your project, helping you to make sense of the planning process and identifying the helping you with all the decisions you need to make the have your kitchen or bathroom to be one of a kind.

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