10 Ideas That Can Help Bring Your Bathroom Into the 21st Century!

Does your bathroom need a modern twist to make it feel updated? Sometimes changing one small element is enough to make your whole bathroom feel new. Below, find 10 modern ideas for updating your bathroom…

Mix Tile Sizes

If you want to spruce up your bathroom but don’t want to add color, consider mixing up the sizes of your tiles. 2-3 sizes of similarly-patterned tiles is usually best, and the largest tile should go on the floor. From there, work up, with the smallest tile around your main focal point.

French Doors On Your Shower

Steel framed French doors for your shower are considered to be on trend this year. Steel is very strong and allows the shower frame to be smaller. Plus, a steel-framed door can add a touch of an industrial, modern feel to your bathroom, which is usually a softer area. Hinged shower doors complete the look.

Oval Mirrors

Sticking with the French theme, consider switching your rectangular bathroom mirror for an oval one. Bathrooms have a lot of straight lines, and adding an oval mirror can help break that up as well as add a new focal point. If you hang the mirror horizontally, you can maximize mirror space.

Round-edge Vanities

A different place you might want to add curves is your bathroom vanity. How many mornings have you bumped into the sharp corners on your bathroom vanity before you were awake? By switching for a curved vanity, you might never do that again. A curved vanity also creates a softer look, which can add that extra something to your traditional bathroom.

Nontraditional Vanity

If a curved vanity isn’t to your liking, consider a nontraditional vanity instead. This could be anything from an antique piece of furniture to a table from your favorite shop. The vanity is one big place you can show your personal style in the bathroom, so make sure to take advantage of it.

Trough-Style Sink

If you need more sink but don’t have enough room for a double vanity, consider using a trough-style bathroom sink instead. This is a great way to get a bigger sink without having to sacrifice space. A trough-style sink works especially well in kids’ bathrooms.

Corner Sink

Do you have an extra small bathroom? A corner sink might be just what you need to increase your space options. Tuck it in the corner and enjoy moving around without hindrance. Also, consider an option with some storage for those extra items that always float around.

Have a Nautical Theme

It’s possible to have a nautical theme in your bathroom without resorting to seashells
everywhere. Think about the colors and textures by the seaside or on a boat. You could use a color palette of navy blue and white, with warm wood accents. A round mirror can be reminiscent of a porthole and nautical-inspired lighting can complete the room.

Patterned Bath Tiles

Do you want to be transported to another country every time you enter your bathroom? Consider a patterned tile covering the entire room, as is often seen in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern bathrooms. Blue and white tiles are the most famous, but you could choose any color palette. If the whole room is too much for you, you could create a wainscot, an accent wall, or a mural with your favorite tiles.

Herringbone Floor

Another option for tile could be changing the pattern of your bathroom flooring. Herringbone is a simple, elegant pattern that really changes the feel of a room. You could choose any material, such as ceramic, marble, stone, or wood, and any color for this technique. Think about what is best for your space.

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so why not make it exactly what you want? Modernizing your bathroom with any of the above tips is sure to pay off in the long run, and will leave you with something you love in the meantime.

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