Kitchen Design Tips – The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Kitchen Desk

kitchen-deskHome design is beginning to change because of the digital age. For many households the home office is now a priority, especially for those in which someone works from home. What does a family do if there isn’t an extra bedroom or designated office space? How about the kitchen??? Now, many families enter directly from the garage into the kitchen. Kids do their homework at the kitchen island bar and you may find yourself seated at the kitchen table or countertop while you catch up on email, facebook or to catch up on some computer work. If your kitchen is the hot spot in your home, a small home office or kitchen desk could be the answer.

Advantages of a Kitchen Desk

Charging Station

Kitchen office centers protect gadgets from the steam, grease, spills and splatter that can happen when your gadgets are on the countertop. Also let’s talk clutter!!! The family members have phones, games, tablets, wires hogging the countertops. You can equip your desk with drawers that can come equipped with electrical strips so you have protected space to store gadgets while they charge.

Homework Station

Usually, homework time overlaps the time busy parents are preparing dinner. Having the child working on homework at the kitchen desk allows you to have access to the countertops. Also if the children are in the kitchen with you it may help them to stay on task.


This kitchen desk area is the perfect place to leave keys, mail, or grocery bags, and it also works as a homework haven where mom can easily monitor as she cooks. Your kitchen office can be custom designed the same way kitchen cabinets and drawers are. Have a few drawers for “stuff” bills, paper, permission slips, artwork and gadgets.

Multi Tasking

Your kitchen desk allows you to get dinner on while finishing up those last minute emails or facebook details. A kitchen office can create a healthy work/life balance and keep you from running into the home office to make those corrections which sometime can lead to 30 minutes and a burnt dinner.

Disadvantages of a Kitchen Desk

A Tight Fit If You Have a Small Kitchen

A kitchen office works better for those with a larger kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen, this might not be the right solution. Usually a L or U shaped kitchen is the best layout for a kitchen office or desk.

Splatter and Spots

We mentioned that one of the advantages of a kitchen office if that it can protect gadgets and digital devices. Of course that is the case only if the space is far enough away from the stove, sink and snack area.

Extra Clutter

If you juggle a lot of paperwork or the design is not just right, your kitchen office might end up contributing to clutter that would have been better hidden out of sight in a home office with a closing door.

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