Laundry Room Remodeling Tips – 3 Trends in Modern Laundry Room Design and Remodeling

A lot of time is spent in  the laundry room and today’s layouts have the Laundry rooms in more accessible areas than just the basement. For these reasons and more we wanted to share a few remodeling trends taking laundry room design by storm. 

Designer Cabinetry, Tile, Countertops, and More are Being Used In Today’s Laundry Rooms

A laundry room doesn’t have to be that dull, boring place where you only go to throw your dirty socks and t-shirts. You don’t need to be afraid of it. It needs to be comfortable, cool and pleasant and at the same time, highly functional. If you are going to spend hours sorting, running loads of laundry, folding, ironing and so on each week, you might as well do it in a cool space. A contemporary laundry room is chock full of designer features, like high end cabinetry, farmhouse sinks and beautiful tile and backsplashes.

Dual Purpose Rooms are Being Built for Both Your Laundry and Your Pets

Pet-washing stations come up a lot in the most popular laundry rooms, and for good reason. After all, who really wants to bathe their dog in the same area where they bathe themselves and their kids? The Laundry room is a smart, easy to clean space for all of your critters needs.

Dual Purpose Laundry Room/Mud Room

When designing a mudroom, think of how your children will use the space. Low-hanging hooks, cubbies for all weather gear and shoe storage are great option. Kids can easily hang their bags and coats on rows of hooks and kick off their shoes below. A mud room can reduce the clutter in the rest of your living space.

Open Shelving For Easy Access

Don’t think that open shelving is reserved for just above the countertop. Lower open shelving is great for quick access. Plus, you won’t have to push full laundry baskets out of the way to open cabinet doors. Baskets can all be mixed and matched for a customized look to your space.

Space Saving Features Are Being Built Into Modern Laundry Rooms

Pull down options lay flat against the wall or behind an attractive cabinet door. Examples are things like an ironing board, drying racks, pull out hamper and hanger rods. These are great space saving ideas.

Lighting – Natural and Task Lighting

Task lighting isn’t just for kitchens — focused lights are paramount wherever any task is performed. The laundry room exemplifies this with task lighting in pendants where possible, under cabinet lighting for the countertops and a good amount of natural light from windows. If there is a way to add more natural light do it. Natural light energizes a space.

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