A Guide for Making Your Small Kitchen Work for You

Everyone wants more kitchen space. However if you have a tiny kitchen how difficult is it to get this space to meet your needs? We would like to give a few tips on designing a small kitchen that is functional and beautiful. With a little planning you can create the space that best suits your needs.

Keep Only the Essential Items in Your Kitchen

The most unpopular and important idea we would like to share is you must embrace minimalism in your design . One of the best things you can do to ensure your cooking area remains functional is to commit to storing only the essentials. Start the elimination by sorting into three categories…

  • Frequently used items
  • Occasionally used items
  • Rarely or unused items

Make sure your prime kitchen space is reserved for the items you need every day. Find another storage space in your home for the occasionally used items and eliminate the rarely or unused item. All of us accumulate more belongings over time, make this elimination a regular rotation maintenance task.

Use Up Every Inch

Where small kitchens are concerned — and where the countless pots, dishware and spices need to find a home you know you have less square footage, it goes without saying you have to make the most out of every inch of space. Think vertically as well as horizontally. In a galley kitchen do not leave the back wall empty add open shelves for additional storage. Utilize empty corners and even the back of a pantry door to hold dry goods. Odds are, you can find an existing organizational system to meet your needs. If not build one.

Make It Multi-Functional

Your kitchen is the hub of different activities and functions in your home; so it needs creative ideas to make use of every spot in the place. The multi functional kitchen furniture that will go with the style, design, and size of your kitchen will be perfect for this purpose. Whenever possible, small spaces benefit from the addition of pieces that can pull double-duty. Take, for example, the table , while its primary purpose is for sitting down to meals, it could easily double as an added workspace. Pieces that offer additional storage are a great fit for this. Think about adding a dining bench that allows for storage underneath or a kitchen cart or small island that can store extra pantry items in addition to being used for meal prep. Also if you have furniture in other rooms on wheels, maybe that piece can be brought into the kitchen area as needed.

Storage and Displaying Your Belongings

Many interior designers believe every item in your kitchen must be placed behind closed doors. In reality if you are working with limited space it is necessary to display your belonging and this can even add an artistic flair. Hang pot above the stove, display glasses and dishes on shelves on a back wall or any place you have a bare wall or corner.

You Can Make Your Small Kitchen Work By Being Creative!

If you have a small kitchen our professional designers know just what you need. They will work with you to get the most out of tiny cooking space. The task is not insurmountable. There are so many wonderful new ideas out there to give you a beautiful new kitchen look even if your kitchen is a small one.

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