Trame Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel (Union, Kentucky)

When Don and Karen Trame bought their home on the border of Florence and Union, it had been a “Home Show” home, one of several on their street featuring different builders.  They were the first to live in it and it worked well for their family for many years. They still love their home today, and their neighborhood, but their kitchen had seen better days.

Don laughed, “When the facing of the drawer came off in my hand I said, that’s it.  Afterall, they were 30-year, builder grade cabinets.” Karen added, “We knew it was time.  We were ready, we had been saving for it.” 

Like many people they started going to home shows and learning about different cabinet companies. They talked with several kitchen remodelers but then a neighbor suggested they contact W. Stephens Cabinetry in Ft. Mitchell.  They visited the showroom and met with designer Mark Prince.

Don shared, “Going to these home shows, I had an idea of what it could look like.  Mark didn’t rush us, he worked with us.”  The Trame’s wanted to remove the old soffits so they could get more cabinet space and they needed to know if that was going to be a problem.  Don added, “Mark knew what we wanted, but he also knew that he couldn’t solve it without having a contractor involved.  It was that recognition of what it was going to take to get the job done that I appreciated.”

What were the biggest frustrations with your current kitchen?

Karen shared, “The biggest thing was wasted space.  When you have an L-shaped kitchen you always end up with wasted space in the corner. I told Mark we had to have access to that area, so he made me a surprise cupboard I access from the back.  Also, we had a pantry, but it wasn’t very deep. I asked if he could tear it all out.  Mark made it deeper and wider and incorporated it into all the cabinets that wrap around the refrigerator.”

What are some of the improvements to your new kitchen you like the best?

“There is a separate cabinet with all the spices,” Don smiled, being the primary cook. “Now I can open one door and it’s all drawers, and I can pull them out and see what I have.  Now that I have seen, firsthand, what a difference it makes having drawers, — it’s the only way to go!” Don shared.

How was the service you received?

“Once we sat down and talked with Mark, the meticulousness with which he approached the whole project, not just the cabinets, was great,” shared Don. “We started talking with Mark in January of 2020.  When we realized we weren’t going to be able to travel, because of the pandemic, we cancelled our travel and decided to put the money into the kitchen.  Mark put us in contact with a contractor, and he was very upfront. He listened. And He was very honest about how long everything will take. He even advised us to order our cabinets early so we didn’t run into any problems.” Karen added, “He had his finger on the pulse of what was happening.”

Would you recommend W.Stephens Cabinetry?

“We have already recommended them,” Karen Trame said.  “The people across the street are having their kitchen redone by them and they spent two hours over here looking at our kitchen first.”

Don added, “Later we had Mark come back out to help us with the bathroom too.  Karen chimed in, “So I told him, Mark, ‘Just come out here and tell us what to do with this room.’” Don smiled, “You can do that when people do that kind of job.”



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