Kitchen Design Tips – Great Kitchen Designs Improve Your Mood So Let Us Help You

Your kitchen plays a big role in your family’s life. It makes good logic that the way it looks and functions affects the way you feel. Your kitchen is the most used room in your home. Three meals a day, after school snacks, homework, coffee chats, family events and parties all take place in your kitchen. We would like to give you a few tips to design a kitchen that is just right for you and your family.

Choose a Color

In a kitchen remodel you will have so many colors to choose. Do not choose colors that other people or a designer prefers. Choose the ones you like and one you will want to look at every day of the week. Neutral colors for the walls may be your best bet because they are timeless and you can then add brighter, seasonal or trendy colors for your accessories.

Create a Timeless Design

Kitchen design trends vs. timeless design that last. It is best to create classic livable space. Our daily surroundings influence our sense of well being. There is nothing that ruins a mood like spending thousands of dollars on a kitchen design that you want to redo in just a few years. Our designer can help you design a kitchen that will satisfy you for years to come.

Eliminate Clutter

We’ve all seen them, those neat, tidy kitchens with nary a stray spoon or spatula in sight. How do they do it? What magic keeps those kitchens in tip-top shape? It’s no magic, — just smart habits that anyone in any kind of kitchen can adopt. If cabinets are disorganized and counter tops are covered with stuff, you’ll feel more stressed and out of control. Make “clutter elimination “ part of your design. No counter top appliances, build cabinets to the ceiling; take advantage of innovative storage solutions. Make kitchen clutter a thing of the past for your kitchen.

Usability, Efficiency and Long Term Use

The aesthetics are important, but the function of how your kitchen works is even more important. The way your kitchen is laid out will make the difference in how quickly and efficiently you use the kitchen. A poor layout can result in retracing your steps and spending more time in the kitchen can be a turnoff to enjoying cooking. Designing a livable and accessible kitchen will make everyone more comfortable and happy in the kitchen space.


The way we light our home environment, and specifically the kitchen, affects the functionality of the space and how we feel when we’re spending time there. Adequately place task lighting for food prep and cooking use, day lighting for a cheerful daytime mood, safety lighting under cabinets and consider ambient lighting for a cozy glow.

Eco-friendly Design

Green kitchen design has come a long way in a short time. Only a few years ago, when “green” was at its buzzword peak, using sustainable materials here and there satisfied many homeowners. A truly green kitchen, however, features careful holistic design that enables a healthy family lifestyle along with saving energy and the planet. Nontoxic materials and finishes are of utmost importance. Your health-both physically and financial have a significant impact on your mood.

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