Home Organization Tips – Declutter and Organize Your Home By Adding a Craft Room

Whether you’re looking for small space organization solutions or thinking about transforming an extra room into a crafting studio, we’ve got tips and tricks to help you. With school days in full swing, projects are spread out on the dining room table. A craft room may be the answer to how to contain all this creativity and also bring some order back to the house. There are several ways you can design space to meet your needs.

Make Your Craft Room Multifunctional

Use it for sewing, painting, homework, crafts, gift wrapping, potting plants and even folding laundry. A large sturdy table in your craft room is a main feature. A pull-out hobby table is an ideal space saver and can be built into a wall unit or cut into the underside of a basement staircase. Go vertical with storage. Tension shower curtain rods are a perfect way to display wrapping paper in an unused space between cabinets. Inexpensive pegboard is an ideal small-space solution for storing supplies and displaying your recent craft projects.

Good Lighting a Must

Have you ever tried to craft in a dimly lit room or one without access to electrical outlet? Good natural lighting is best for your craft room. You do not want to have a lot of shadows in your space. General lighting lights up the room and makes it comfortable. Using some accent lighting is a special touch and adds dramatic effect. You have to be able to see in your room and the way to do that is with can lighting. Using some light switches in accessible places is important as you decide where to place them throughout the room.

Adequate Storage

Cabinets with adjustable shelving give you the flexibility to customize the height of each shelf to the exact item you will be storing. Anyone with a crafting hobby knows that craft supplies have a way of taking over an entire house. While there is nothing wrong with spreading things out to work on projects, there needs to be an organizational system for supplies as well as a general method for keeping the “in progress” work from taking over everything. You can have fun with the design by adding colorful containers and original artwork to your area.

Stay Organized

“A place for everything and everything in its place” a phrase that is typical of the uplifting homilies that were promoted during the Victorian era (beginning 1837), e.g. ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ (circa 1880s). This is the perfect motto for you to follow in your new craft room. With an organized designed space, your family will know exactly where everything is, and returning those items to where they belong will make life easier and more efficient. And the added benefit is the family gets back its dining room table and uncluttered dining room.

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