Get Organized: 8 Tips For Better Bathroom Storage…

Your bathroom is filled with all kinds of items, from your skin care products to your hairstyling tools. It can easily become cluttered and overwhelming, and you may feel that there is never enough space to accommodate your needs. You deserve to have all the supplies you need, and your bathroom should work for you to keep it that way. If you are looking for quick and simple storage ideas, read on for bathroom storage and bathroom organization ideas to maximize your space.

Let’s Start With The Back Of The Door

Say goodbye to clutter with over-the-door baskets on the inside of the vanity doors. Most vanities are equipped with two cabinet doors. The addition of hanging baskets on each door provides a hidden space. Use the entry door for an over-the-door towel rack or use over-the-door hooks for hanging clothing and robes. There are also over-the-door baskets available for the entry door.

Use Open Shelving

Open shelving is less bulky than full cabinetry. It makes it easy to store toilet paper, clean towels, and Kleenex. No bathroom shelf is complete without something scented, be it an essential oil diffuser that consistently puffs out soothing eucalyptus or a candle you light when needed. Last, but not least, you will want a couple of decorative items like frames, books, or beautiful potted plants to liven things up.

Towel Ladders

This new trend of a ladder takes up little space since they can lean against an open wall. The multiple rungs that can hang multiple items and a ladder hung vertically can hold several small items you use while in the bathroom.

Use A Tension Shower Rod In The Back Of The Shower

A shower rod equipped with S hooks can hang loofahs, baskets, and shower caddies. It is a great place for haircare products and children’s toys.

Repurpose Your Lazy Susan

They are great for under-the-counter organization. They were invented for food but could help you find cleaning supplies, soaps, or lotions instead of pulling everything out of your vanity.

Compartmentalize Vanity Drawers

People tend to cram things into drawers, which makes them hard to find, so here, use small bins or dividers to make more efficient use of the space and fit more inside. Use shallow drawer organizers with rubber feet to keep them from slipping around.

Corner Shower Shelves Are A Great Idea

If you have an empty corner in your shower or tub, try corner shower shelving. Consider mesh construction as it keeps your toiletries properly ventilated. It will hold heavy bottles of shampoo, body wash, and has compartments for razors, hairbrushes, and face wash. It keeps everything within reach—and free of mildew.

Outsource Backup Items

If you have a closet or storage space nearby, consider using it as a linen closet to store more towels or extra bulk items. Even placing a narrow cabinet just outside the bathroom door can give you more breathing room when you’re inside the bathroom.

The bathroom is the place where we prepare ourselves for each day and pull ourselves out of each day. It is a physical place for taking stock—so it can be a negative place if it gets too cluttered or messy.


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