Bathroom Design Trends – Over 40% of New Master Bathroom Remodels Take Out the Tub

What’s trending in bathroom remodels? Houzz recently released its Bathroom Trends Study showing the top bathroom remodel preferences of more than 7,500 home owners in the U.S. and Canada. The report shows that 60 percent of home owners are targeting the master bathroom for their bathroom remodels. The two main drivers for their remodels are to upgrade features and fixtures as well as to make space more functional. The growing trend that emerged from the Houzz report is that bathtubs are starting to move out of the master bathroom. More than four in 10 – 43 percent – are forgoing a bathtub in the master bathroom, according to the report. Once the centerpiece of countless bathroom designs, many homeowners find that a traditional tub feels dated and underutilized. For that reason, among others, more homeowners than ever before are upgrading their bathrooms with tub-to-shower conversions. More than a simple replacement, modern showers are an artistic blend of form and function. Beautiful designs and materials, slip and mold resistant finishes, and an array of shower door options mean showers feel more spa-like than utilitarian. Is this trend of throwing the tub out for you if you are remodeling your bathroom?? Following are a few reasons to consider:

Maximize Comfort and Safety

Traditional bathtubs can be a source of stress for homeowners. Tubs are usually made from cast iron and lead comes from cast iron or steel tubs coated with porcelain glaze. As the glaze wears down from age and use, the lead in the glaze can leach into bath water. Young children who drink bathwater or put their wet hands or toys in their mouths during bath time are at greatest risk. There is no safe level of lead exposure in children. Even a small amount can cause damage that lasts a lifetime. For more mature adults and those with limited mobility, getting into and out of a traditional tub can be difficult. Therefore, a tub-to-shower conversion is ideal for homeowners who want to maximize their bathroom’s comfort and safety. When combined with modern grab bars and seating accessories, showers are safe and easy to access and navigate.

Low Maintenance

From millenials moving into their first home to empty-nesters who have finally gotten the kids “off the payroll” want sleek, clean, contemporary, and low maintenance showers. High maintenance is out! Less upkeep means less stress – and less pain! Scrubbing a tub is hard on backs and knees. A new shower built with modern materials such as grout free, mold resistant walls reduces the amount of maintenance a bathroom requires. Imagine never having to re-grout or scrub away mildew again!

Give Your Bathroom a Spa-Like Atmosphere

A spa bathroom lets you pamper yourself with little indulgences for a fraction of what you’d spend at the spa. To create your own spa bathroom, just think “relaxing” with calming candlelight, soothing scents, and big, fluffy towels. Modern bathrooms are more than just a utilitarian space. In fact, the privacy a bathroom affords, along with new products, design elements, and accessories can turn this space into an in-home spa you’ll enjoy spending time in. Replacing the old tub with a sleek shower made with luxurious materials like stone, wood or tile makes the shower not only functional but eye-catching.

Maximized Space

Sometimes, due to local codes, lot restrictions, budget constraints or any number of other reasons, adding square footage isn’t an option. However, there are several principles and techniques you can use to provide an expansive feeling in a small space. The average bathroom has a footprint of just 35-40 square feet. In a room this small, every square inch is valuable real estate. Replacing a bathtub with a shower gives homeowners back an average of five square feet of space. That’s enough extra storage for towels, soaps, lotions, and other essentials. Once you open up a shower like that, you can install multiple shower heads to provide a spa-like feeling. This also makes the shower itself appear larger than it really is.

Tub-to-shower conversions are increasingly popular in remodels. Replacing a bathtub with a full walk-in shower means getting into a remodel project that will render your bathroom useless during the process. The end result, however, is an expansive and aesthetically pleasing addition which will also increase the value of your home.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, give us a call. When is the last time you used your tub? When it comes time for that remodel, maybe you would like to skip the soak and rip out the bathtub to create a spacious glass-enclosed shower for a more spa like environment.

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