5 Remodeling Tips That Ensures a Balance of Style and Function For Your New Kitchen…

In every home, large and small, modern or traditional, the kitchen is the heart and hub of the home. On a daily basis, the kitchen serves as a revolving door for family members. They come and go; grabbing snacks, doing homework, catching up on social media. All the while, the family chef prepares the meals, and checks in on the happenings of the day. For special events, the kitchen is the ‘life of the party’. Guests and family members tend to spend their time catching up with the host while she prepares the food, mixes the drinks, and whips up the desserts. Kitchen styles can be modern or traditional, but many times they are not designed for the daily and special event needs of the chef. Some of the biggest design issues include kitchens that are closed off from the other areas of the home, and inefficient layouts. Here are the top 5 things to consider when redesigning your kitchen…

Design for Functionality

Ensure that the chef can move easily to each area, while preparing food; from the storage area, to prepping, cooking, serving, and cleanup. The chef should be able to move around without guests or family members getting in the way. Keep safety in mind. There should be enough room for the chef to get hot items from the stove, or oven to the counter or sink without someone walking in front of them.

Create the Maximum Amount of Counter Space

You can never have enough counter space. Plan for the maximum amount and make sure that there’s plenty of space in between appliances to set large pans and trays. If there’s too narrow of a space in between, it’s just wasted space. An island can also be a great solution for extra counter space, better traffic flow, or to provide room for an extra sink and storage. For family events, there are often several generations of cooks in the kitchen telling stories and catching up on family news. Extra counter space allows for more efficiency, keeps people out of the way of each other, and also provides for additional seating at dinner time. Plan in advance for appliances that you would like to incorporate into the overall design. Keep in mind that the recommended height between your countertop and cabinet is 18”, but sometimes you may need to customize for non-standard sizes. You may also want to consider a raised counter that opens to the living space for serving snacks or additional seating.

Match Appliances with Your Daily and Entertaining Needs

Do you need a ‘master chef’ kitchen or a more standard kitchen? There are so many built-in and counter top appliances available. The amount of choices can be overwhelming. Prioritize what features are the most important to your daily and entertaining needs.

Determine the Style and the Amount of Storage You Need

While open shelving and display cabinets can be beautiful, be realistic with your expectations. If you are an organized, neat chef, this could show off your style while maintaining functionality. However, if you are disorganized or tend to have a lot of clutter, it may be best to incorporate closed cabinetry and a pantry with a door. For both options, there are a variety of designs for shelving and drawers to help keep you organized and maximize your storage space.

Plan for Lighting and Outlets

Keep in mind the number of electrical appliances you use on a regular basis. You want to be able to work efficiently in the kitchen without minor inconveniences like having to run an extension cord to an outlet.

Redesigning a kitchen can be fun and rewarding. In the end, it’s about what is best for your balance of style and function.

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