Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas and How to Organize In Small Spaces…

Just because you have a tiny laundry room, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on figuring out some smart storage solutions. With a little creativity, you can create space for everything you need and then some. Whether your laundry room is in the basement, garage, kitchen, or closet, or you are lucky enough to have a dedicated laundry room, these laundry room ideas will help create a space that is organized, up to date, and is so beautiful that you will look forward to doing laundry.

Ideas for Adding a Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are hot spot for household improvement these days. Your first consideration when thinking about adding a laundry room is…Where’s the best place to add the room?

  • Set up your room close to where dirty laundry collects, or near the bedrooms where new laundry goes.
  • Waterproof your floor by adding plastic sheeting over the sub floor, building out a shallow pan for the the laundry machines to sit on , use tile or waterproof vinyl under your washer and dryer. Flooding can happen in your laundry room.
  • Noise is another consideration. If your laundry is on the second floor have vibration pads installed. They dampen the noise that occurs when the machine is in operation

All of the following ideas work well for newly built laundry rooms or a small laundry room or laundry work space. Think about creating a multi purpose laundry room. Multi function laundry room ideas include a craft room, mud room, sports equipment storage room, or even a closet. The idea is to organize, add value, and upgrade your space! Take the following into consideration when adding your Laundry room…

Laundry Room Color

Make the laundry room bright and cheerful. Painting can be a good DIY way to upgrade your laundry room . Paint the walls and cabinets if there are any in your room. Use vibrant citrus tones like lime green, yellow or orange. or think about wall paper Choose a bold, modern pattern in a moisture resistant , vinyl paper.

Laundry Room Counter Space

You need space for sorting and foiling. Create a counter over your side by side washer and dryer. If you have the space add an island to your laundry room to add counter space.

Laundry Room Cabinets

If you have room to create a high-end custom laundry room, install kitchen cabinets around your washer and dryer.. If you are on a tight budget buy inexpensive cabinets paint them a contrasting bright wall color. Remove the low grade hardware and replace with custom drawer pulls that can work as towel or hanger rack.

Laundry Room Creative Mounting

Stacking is a great way to work with smaller spaces while still having a functional laundry area. Some washer and dryer manufactures also offer a raised storage unit in the matching appliance finish if you put the washer and dryer side by side.

Laundry Room Storage

The key to success in a small laundry room is using every available space you can. A hanging wire storage rack would work great for storing detergent, dryer sheets or orphan socks that need to find their mates. If you have utilized all the wall space , it’s time to look up at the ceiling! This is another often overlooked spot in a tiny laundry room that could work well for something like a drying rack. Use a bookshelf in a laundry room, for adding sorting basket. Asking everyone in the family to sort their own dirty laundry in the proper basket saves time.

Laundry Room Lighting

Laundry rooms are usually in a windowless space so good lighting is important. Use under the cabinet lighting or a large overhead fixture. Beautiful lighting fixtures are not only practical but they add to the ambiance of the room.

Once you upgrade your laundry room, who knows, you might even find yourself making excuses to throw in another load of wash.

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