Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry Options Can Be Overwhelming! Professional Designers Can Cut Through the Clutter to Help You Find YOUR Style…

For your new kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, the basic options (style, wood type, etc.) can seem overwhelmingly endless. Add all the accents like moldings and finishes and you might find yourself endlessly overwhelmed. Fortunately, cabinetry pros can lead you down the right path of choices as they correspond to your plans.

Molding Options

These choices go on, above or underneath cabinets as desired, some functional, some purely decorative.

  • An appliqué is a carved or etched ornament applied to a cabinet facing 
  • Corbels are large ornamental brackets that may or may not support larger cabinetry components like island counter tops, shelving or hood mantels
  • Cornices adorn the tops of cabinetry, often connecting them to the ceiling
  • Crown is the popular classic molding that features a modeled profile atop of cabinets to add height and flair
  • Dentil is a tooth-like, tightly configured design for edging
  • Egg and dart molding provide oval and arrow accents
  • Flat trim lacks a carved or rounded profile and is often found on Arts and Crafts cabinetry
  • Pilasters are decorative, vertical, rectangular columns that project slightly from a cabinet’s surface
  • Fluting is a vertical, semi-circular groove design cut or routed into the wood, most often a pilaster
  • Rope molding looks just like it sounds, being carved or milled to look like a twisted rope
  • Rosettes are carved, circular ornaments of a floral design and can also be found contained within a square
  • Spindle, a slender, rounded piece of wood (can be halved and applied as such more easily)
  • A galley rail is a front retaining wall made from small spindles
  • Pediments are low-pitched triangular gables that sit atop cabinetry and can feature scrolls, scallops, arches or other edge detailing
  • A plinth is square block at the base of a pilaster or post
  • Toe kick, the recessed area at the bottom of a base cabinet, also can refer to the molding used to cover the area
  • Valances are panels that cover an open area, usually a sink or window
  • Bun feet are round decorative footings
  • Turned posts are simply large but short decorative and/or functional legs

You’re Not Finished Yet 

Add another level of décor by enhancing your cabinetry material/surface with a few different finish approaches…

  • Stain – This is how to let the beauty of wood really (and literally) shine through, depending on the type of wood of which your cabinets are made. Not all wood is suitable for staining, though with wood of lesser grain a darker stain that can sometimes work.
  • Distressed – No worries here as distressed cabinets are a popular treatment that can hide blemishes on wood of lesser grain. Plus, you can even create this look yourself if you have the right tools, approach and savvy.
  • Paint – Obviously works for wood AND metal and is an especially good option for whatever surface you have. A big plus are the exception colors that can be utilized to really push your bathroom or kitchen’s overall look via painted cabinetry.

Our designers are on hand to make sure your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry choices are exciting but not overwhelming.

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