9 Bathroom Decoration Ideas That Will Take Your Bathroom Remodeling Project To The Next Level…

We have a fresh list of bathroom decoration ideas that are inexpensive and simple to do. A lighting upgrade is the most important project you can do for a bathroom makeover. Lighting paired with the right color affects mood. The lighting makes a small bathroom look bigger by upgrading your fixtures to for instance the new fluorescent bulbs can improve the ambiance. Painting would be the next quick and easy update. Use light colors for the majority of the surfaces and leave the darker color for the accents. here are a few of our quick and easy bathroom decorating ideas.


It’s amazing how much paint can change the look and feel of a room. And what’s great about paint is that it’s inexpensive and can be completed in less than a day. It is no longer necessary to choose gloss paint in a bathroom to combat moisture. Just ask the paint shop to mix in an additive to matte paint to keep it from getting mildewed. While you are painting the walls do not forget about the cabinets. We suggest an eggshell or semi-gloss paint for the cabinets.


Too often lighting a bathroom is low on the list of priorities relative to other rooms in the house. But with bathrooms becoming larger and more elaborate, proper lighting is essential to making the most of the space. Replacing outdated lighting fixtures can transform your bathroom decor.  Modern lighting includes hanging pendants and light bars. It is smart to choose LED lighting fixtures since they are the most energy-efficient. 

Wall Art

Treated canvas prints are water resistant and affordable. Go for large prints for the best impact. Nowadays , custom printers can create canvas prints and laminate them for water resistance. You could even blow up a favorite photo for a unique look. A wall gallery of starfish or baskets can be a personal way to decorate your bathroom walls.


If your tile is boring install your own peel and stick tile. Great for bathrooms just peel, stick and tile! No grout is needed for installation. Easily cut tiles with scissors to fit to your space. Stick Tiles are fast, fun, and affordable. The big win is that they can be removed whenever you want without damaging the surface behind it.

Hardware and Faucets

New drawer pulls, towel bars, toilet paper holder and faucet will completely change the look of your bath. Replacement is simple as long as you replace the new with similarly sized screw hole spacing.


You will find a variety of wood species and patterns. They are realistic and include texture and imperfections on the surface, much like a real wood floor or stone tile would. They are waterproof and usually have a long warranty.


Add pull out drawers into your cabinets. Other ways to maximize storage could be floating wall shelving or wall mounted baskets. If you have room a small furniture style storage cabinet could be added to your bathroom.

Towels & Rugs

Throw away your old, mismatched towels and buy soft, fluffy ones that match your new bathroom decor. Add in an accent color or pattern for a modern bathroom design touch.


For the final touches add a few custom accessories and accent pieces. Add a live houseplant such as an orchid plant, towels, a soap dish, and a waste basket to add some color and texture. Also think about a room diffuser or a candle for a fresh scent.

W.Stephens Cabinetry and Design can help you pull all of these ideas together with your tastes to create a bathroom design you’ll love for years!

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