Kitchen Design Tips: Always Error on the Side of Function Over Looks When Designing Your Kitchen

How many times have you noticed that people tend to congregate in the kitchen? The kitchen is the place guests and family head for the bright lights and tasty aromas of the hardest working spot in your home. So when you are designing a kitchen remodel it is easy to forget that the kitchen is actually a work space. Be sure and remember function first. It may not be as fun to begin with functional consideration but be assured the timeless benefits will be well worth the priority switch. In a survey completed by Sub-Zero & Wolf, 75% of design professional completed kitchen projects more for function than form. The following are some trends that focus on functional kitchen design…

Must-Haves for a Useful Kitchen

Seven out of 10 designers say that the open floor plan is still in demand. The two most important must-haves currently being asked for by folks doing a remodel design are a kitchen island and a recycling center. Both of these requests require a more spacious kitchen design. The kitchen island is almost a given in today’s kitchen. The recycling center is a new concept, and one that requires extra bin space next to the standard trash can.

The Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen

The low-slung, contemporary homes built in California in the middle of the last century set the precedent for indoor-outdoor living in the U.S. The popularity has also expanded the way we view the indoor kitchen. If you do not have the budget for a full outdoor kitchen use a patio or slider door linking the two. Have close proximity to the indoor fridge and food prep area.

Children and Senior-Friendly Designs

Lower counter tops and accessible appliances as well as easier to clean and maintain designs are needed for families with children as well as seniors. A few ideas are: refrigerator drawers for snacks, a drawer for kid-friendly cooking utensils, Lower counter top heights at the end of island counter tops, rounded edges, slip resistant flooring. We need to think about easy to access space for those of every age or ability.

Kitchen Layouts

Just remember your kitchen layout is often quite flexible. A designer can redesign a layout that works well for you. If this is the first time your kitchen has been remodeled, you may want to change the layout to one of the specific kitchens styles such as, Galley, L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen. Once you decide upon a design that meets your family’s needs it will be easier to dress it up with all of your favorite colors and finishes.

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