View What Merillat Cabinets Go Through Before Going To Market… Do You Think Your Cabinets Could Handle These Tests?

W.Stephens Cabinetry and Design stands behind it’s products and that’s because we trust them. We wouldn’t sell you anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. Merillat is one of our cabinet suppliers and they put their cabinets to the test so that they and we will have happy customers. Merillat Cabinets meets or exceeds all Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards for kitchen cabinets and holds a ISO 14001 certification from the International Organization for Standardization.

Some of the Tests Merillat Performs on Their Cabinets…

  • Static Load Tests – Cabinets are loaded to 500 pounds
  • Base Front Joint Loading Test – Front joints are loaded to 250 to insure they can handle installation, etc.
  • Bottom Strenght of Base Cabinets – 500 pounds of pressure is exerted before the base breaks
  • Door Impact Test – A 10 lb sand bag strike against the center of a cabinet door and it must work like it did before the test
  • Chemical Resistance Test – 10 different product added to the cabinet surface for 24 hours and must be able to be wiped away without harm
  • UV (Sunlight) Test – 400 hours of intense ultraviolet light without fading
  • 24 hour saturation test – A water and detergent soaked sponge is left on cabinets and there can’t be any delamination, swelling, blistering or cracking.
  • Hot and Cold Cycles – Hot and cold temperatures of up to 160 degrees and down to -5 degrees must not affect the cabinets.
  • Door, Racking, and Hinges Test – 10 open and close cycles made with 65 pounds of pressure from the top without problems occurring
  • Open and Close Cycle Test – 50,000 open and close cycles for doors and drawers are made without any problems occurring

Merillat Cabinet Examples

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