Eight Steps To Designing and Installing a New Kitchen

Whte Cabinetry with large Island - W.Stephens Cabinetry and DesignSeems like every homeowner is watching decorating shows on TV these days and getting inspired by them, but the reality is that creating a new kitchen is a detailed process and involves more time than you may first think. Below are 8 steps to achieving your dream Kitchen. 

  1. Establish your main objectives – The priorities you establish in this step will drive all your decisions on budget, style, products, etc.  Take time on this step and get information from everyone in your family before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Establish a budget for your kitchen project – From your objectives, determine how much you can invest in a new kitchen and how you will  pay for it. Shop around to get ideas on prices before establishing a budget and don’t forget installation costs.
  3. Find a cabinetry design professional who can plan your whole project – Reach out to friends for design professionals in your area.  Ask around in person and on social media. Google cabinetry designers in your area. Make some phone calls directly to designers and stop by their showrooms. Get your list down to 2 or 3 designers and then decide who to move forward with for your project. What have they done in the past? Will they be around in the future if something goes wrong? Do they have quality suppliers? Is there an actual person you can work with on the other side of the phone? Hiring a designer is the the most important decision you’ll make on your new kitchen project!
  4. Finalize your kitchen layout and design – A good kitchen designer will present several ideas on how to best use your space, each with different budget implications. Make sure to take notes!
  5. Decide on a look and style for your kitchen – Collect pictures from your designers catalogs, peruse their showroom, visit some home shows and make note of individual elements you like to help your designer find the perfect look and style for you!
  6. Choose products – Now that you know your style, it’s time to pick the exact cabinetry, hardware, counters, etc. for your kitchen.  A good designer will be a great help during this stage.
  7. Installation – Who will install your products and who will supervise the  electricians, plumbers, tile contractors, carpenters, cabinet installers and other trades people that will need to be involved with your project? Most good designers have a network of these trades people or contractors that they have worked with for years and trust. This is another invaluable service where a good designer can save you cash and headaches. Also, don’t forget to plan for a substitute kitchen while yours is being remodeled!
  8. Enjoy your new kitchen! – Test-drive everything in your new kitchen and figure out any problems quickly while the project is still fresh in your designer’s and trades people’s minds!  Make sure to keep all receipts, contracts, warranties and product information. Understand the proper care and maintenance of all new products.

Our Professional kitchen and bathroom designers can assist you with every step of your project, helping you to make sense of the planning process and identifying the helping you with all the decisions you need to make the have your kitchen or bathroom to be one of a kind.

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