Ideas for Bathroom Organization and Storage

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There are so many items that need to be stored in a bathroom!  A bathroom cabinetry designer can help you figure how to store and organize all of your items in a way that keep them accessible but out of sight. Below are some design and organization tips for your bathroom…

Decorative Glass Containers for Small Items – A  nice decorative touch that keeps your things from being strewn all across your counters.

Tiered Trays – If you don’t like decorative glass containers or just want to mix it up a bit than use some tiered trays to store your small items such as jewelry, makeup, soaps, etc. Tiered Trays look good and provide more storage space.

Making the Best of Your Existing Storage Space – in the closets and drawers that you do have for space, introduce small baskets or dividers. Make sure to label the trays for whatever is in the cabinets and drawers when you can.

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Put Towels Somewhere Else – Place a towel or two on a rack and then store your towels in another room close to the bathroom.

Detachable Hooks – These hooks can be installed and removed easily with no damage to walls and can be used for curling irons, hair dryers, small towels and such, only taking up a little wall space.

Bath/Shower Organization – Baths and showers are usually a mess filled with hair care products, soaps, brushes, sponges and more. Use shower baskets and racks to hold all of the various items in the tub or shower.

Our Professional kitchen and bathroom designers can assist you with every step of your project, helping you to make sense of the planning process and identifying the helping you with all the decisions you need to make the have your kitchen or bathroom to be one of a kind.

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