The Latest Trends In Cabinetry Design

Picture from Better Homes and Gardens (click to view larger)

Picture from Better Homes and Gardens (click to view larger)

At W.Stephens Cabinetry and Design, we are always keeping an eye on the latest trends in Cabinetry Design. The list below contains the latest trends in cabinetry according to Better Homes and Gardens.  From the trends that they’ve shared, we love the contrast back on cabinets, mismatched islands, and open shelving trends. Embellishments to cabinet doors give them just the right pizzazz! Islands can be a huge statement in today’s kitchen and really make a space warm and inviting when they look more like furniture. Open shelving gives your cabinets a light feel and gives the eye a break from wall-to-wall cabinetry. 

Top Cabinetry Trends

(According to Better Homes and Gardens)

  1. Light and simple cabinets
  2. Efficiency inside your cabinets (storage, racks, organization)
  3. Customized drawers (inserts, bins, etc.)
  4. Floor to ceiling cabinetry
  5. Built-in appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. behind cabinetry panels)
  6. Non-rectangular islands
  7. Mix it up (combining shelving, furniture, and cabinets)
  8. Mismatched cabinets (different types of cabinets so everything doesn’t look the same)
  9. Colorful accents (bright paint or wallpaper in select places)
  10. The look of furniture
  11. Glass front cabinet doors
  12. Embellishments (corbels, fancy feet, arched openings, etc.)
  13. Table-tyle islands

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