Starting From Scratch – You Have Opportunities When Your Kitchen Or Bath Is Just a Blueprint

Whether a new home, new room, or an old room getting the big re-do, the bathroom/kitchen sky’s the limit when you’re starting with a clean slate. Your only obstacle (besides budget) is too many options! And while cabinetry is no exception, it can be quite exceptional…

3 Basic Cabinetry Choices 

When selecting your cabinetry, you have these basic PURCHASE options: custom, semi-custom and stock. Generally, custom gives you the widest range of choices as you can decide on every element for your cabinets as they best fit your room and vision: style/motif, size, material, door type, handle/knob, etc. You can start with your designer/crafter’s ideas, or bring your own notions via samples you’ve seen in homes, magazine, or your dreams.

The semi-custom route comes with fewer choices as well as some additional limitations, primarily in size, as they do come in pre-determined dimensions. But they’re set up to give you much more options than you’d think.

If your budget dictates the stock cabinet choice, fear not, as there is still a wide availability of attractive choices and styles pending your designer’s sourcing capabilities (as with any category, really). These days, the variety in stock is much greater than you might imagine.

What Price is Right? 

New cabinetry, whether custom or not, usually means investing in not only a whole new look, but a possible whole new set of functionality that could include: counters, wall treatments, flooring, appliances and electrical wiring and fixtures. Cabinets are typically the biggest part of any given renovation budget, averaging about 65% of the total cost.

Naturally, custom cabinets are often the most expensive with stock usually costing the least. And while the choice may ultimately be determined by budget, you can always move your money around the room, figuratively. Want or need the cabinets to do things that semi-custom or stock just can’t provide? Transfer some funds from flooring or other areas if can do without compromising the overall room’s objectives.

Let’s Talk Custom

Why? When you’re starting from scratch, when you go from wondering to notions to sketches to plans to prints, your cabinetry can take multiple forms to fit your kitchen or bath. OR, it can take the lead around which your room takes shape.

You can go with a few different build/design approaches. Consider frameless cabinetry, also known as European-style. This category presents a clean look, with the maximum width of each cabinet being fully utilized. Frameless cabinets can be used with any door style, offering a wide range of design, from contemporary to traditional. Face-framed cabinets are the most prevalent, traditional style of cabinetry. Inset cabinets, where faces and doors are flush with the frames, is a more deluxe and pristine high-end approach.

From these building blocks, choose the styles that can go with the design approach you’ve selected. Then, artfully arrange and place cabinets wherever you want/need them to go per your blue prints—and make your guests green with envy.

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