6 New Kitchen Countertop Trends

While simplicity and ease of use remain hot trends in kitchen design, today’s countertops are focusing on durability and clean, fresh color schemes – with texture used to provide a subtle sophistication that doesn’t clash with the cleaner lines of the kitchen.

Eco-consciousness also plays a role in the hottest material choices, while mixing and matching materials provides increased functionality and a way to maximize aesthetic appeal without blowing the budget.

6 New Kitchen Countertop Trends…

  1. Color schemes are trending toward clean, fresh, monochromatic choices, with shades of white and grey growing increasingly popular.
  2. Texture, both visual and tactile, is a hot trend, adding a fashionable touch that meshes with today’s simpler, more clean-lined kitchen designs.
  3. Eco-friendly choices continue to be in high demand, with manufacturers increasingly promoting countertop choices that are recyclable or made with a high percentage of recycled material.
  4. Durability is increasing in importance for today’s value-conscious consumers, man-made materials such as quartz seem to be gaining ground.
  5. Mix-and-match countertop designs – which may include a combination of wood, stainless steel, natural stone, laminate, quartz and/or glass – are often chosen to provide multifunctional properties while keeping costs under control.
  6. Glass is the new high-end “it” material, offering both eco-friendly properties and a nearly endless array of personalized design possibilities.

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